UC Berkeley Branding

UC Berkeley has undergone some dramatic changes in branding and visual identity in the last year. As a UC Berkeley employee I was excited to see the implementation of the brand.berkeley.edu site, which includes a brand story, toolkit, and showcase of works that utilize this new story and branding vision for the university. The fonts, colors, and visual elements are well chosen and thought through, and it's exciting to know that there is a dedicated team working hard behind the scenes to implement this cohesive vision that presents "an institution whose whole is greater than the sum of it's parts."


Berkeley has also updated it's visual identity on athletic uniforms for the 2013 season. Nike has provided newly designed uniforms at no cost to the school as free movable advertising, including a new "roaring bear" logo and custom font for the "California" and "Bears" wordmarks and athlete numbers, and an overall consistency in appearance for the various sports teams' uniforms.


I find the matte football helmets, the subtle "roaring bear" placed in the athlete number, and the new font especially appealing.


More on the new Cal uniforms can be found on Nikeblog.com and SFGate.