My Favorite iOS Apps

I've compiled a list of my favorite iOS apps, ranging from networking, to productivity, to finances and fitness, to social media, to audio, the arts, and games.

Pocketcloud Pro

Pocketcloud is a great tool for connecting remotely to a desktop computer. I use it to connect to my home or work PC from anywhere on my iOS devices, both iPhone and iPad. The app features Auto Discovery, RDP, and VNC connection options, and the Pro version of the app, though somewhat pricey at $14.99, allows multiple computer connections, RDP 256-bit NLA/TLS encryption, 3rd party app integration, and more.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

This is Microsoft's official remote desktop tool. It's free, it works, less bells and whistles than Pocktcloud.

DS audio / DS video / DS file / DS cloud / DS photo+

I am a huge fan of the DS iOS app suite. I can access my digital media files from anywhere, with ease. You must own a Synology NAS to run these apps.



Evernote is a multi-function note-taking tool, allow users to create notes, group and tag notes, capture images and screenshots into notes, share these notes selectively, and sync between multiple devices. I use it as a "catch all" for things I want to remember, to quickly capture notes and ideas to save for later, or to create task lists. The Premium version adds offline note access, enhanced editing capabilities for shared notes, a Passcode lock for mobile devices, more storage, and smarter search functionality.


Clear is fantastic for simple to-do lists, with an intuitive, gestural-based interface. Tasks/items can be easily created, re-arranged, and "checked off" of a list. The User Interface is awesomely simple.

Google Chrome / Google Drive

I prefer using the Google Chrome browser on my iOS devices over Apple's built-in Safari browser, as I find it to be faster and lightweight, and I prefer the tab functionality and interface. I use Google Drive as a repository for client files and invoices, and PDF documentation.

Smart Alarm Clock

I am a satisfied user of the Smart Alarm Clock app. This app monitors and registers your sleep cycles and phases, assuring that you are awoken during a REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep phase and thus receive a comfortable awakening. I highly recommend this app, as it produces proven results for me.



Most, if not all banks have online access and mobile apps today. I use Mint along with the mobile apps for my banking institutions as a way to get an overall picture of my finances. I especially appreciate the budgeting and graphic display features.


Nike+ Running / Nike+ Training

The Nike+ Running app is awesome. Along with a Nike+ sensor kit it tracks distance, pace, time and calories burned with GPS, gives audio feedback as you run, and automatically uploads to, saving your runs, your routes and elevation.



Remote is a great little app from Apple that allows you to control your iTunes library or Apple TV with your iOS device. Simple.


Tabletop is a modular music studio environment for the iPad where you can mix and match different devices. It comes with 13 devices pre-installed, and features a Timeline Editor and MIDI device support. There are even virtual versions of legendary, popular devices available for purchase, such as the iMPC virtual Akai MPC, and the iMini Arturia re-creation of the classic 1971 Minimoog synthesizer.



Afterlight is a powerful, easy to use image editing app. It allows fine control over exposure, brightness, contrast, clarity, and more, along with a variety of excellent filters and frames. Much better than stock filters, and well worth the price, and an excellent companion to social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

Interaction of Color

The Interaction of Color app for iPad is a wonderful re-creation of Josef Albers' masterwork in art education. The complete app features the full text, 125 plates, 60 interactive studies, and over two hours of video commentary. Highly recommended.


SmartGo Books / SmartGo Player / SmartGo Kifu

This is a great trio of apps. SmartGo Books is a collection of classic books on the game of Go, featuring many free preview chapters, and in-app purchases of the full versions a number of classic Go strategy books. SmartGo Player is optimized for a quick and challenging game of Go against the computer. SmartGo Kifu is designed as a versatile tool for Go players who want to study professional games, practice Go problems, record their games, as well as play against the computer, including a library of 76,000 professional game records and 2,000 problems.