MIT Media Lab Re-brand

MIT Media Lab

Michael Bierut of Pentagram Design has created a wonderful re-brand of the MIT Media Lab logo.

The 7x7 grid from the previous 25th anniversary Media Lab logo provides the basis for the new logo, and draws influence from the MIT Press logo designed by Muriel Cooper in 1962. The MIT Press logo is a minimal representation of the letters MITP, that can also be read as book spines, a bar code, or computer digits.

Similarly, Beirut's new logo is a stripped down, minimal logo, with the added benefit that it permutates from the umbrella MIT Media Lab logo into logos for each of the 23 unique departments that the Media Lab encapsulates. It's a fascinating move. Perhaps the only thing missing is some color, though it seems fitting to use binary black and white for a logo that represents the computer bits and bytes that form the foundation of the Media Labs' existence.

An in depth article regarding the re-brand can be found on Fast Company.