G. Dean Smith Logos

G. Dean Smith was one of my dad's graphic design mentors. We were cleaning and moving boxes at my folks' place one day and I came across some stationary and branding materials for Yosemite, that dad mentioned were designed by his friend Dean Smith. With the magic of the internet I found that Smith designed some of the most iconic logos of the 60s and 70s, including the AT&T globe logo, the ABC Channel 7 "circle 7" logo, and my favorite, the Yosemite Half Dome logo. Each of these logos, or variations of them, are still being used today, more than 50 years later in some cases.

Though sadly Dean passed away at his LA home in 1987 (see the LA TImes Obituary here), he lives on his simple and striking logo work. Check out the evolution of the AT&T logo at Logopedia here, the Wikipedia article about the ABC Circle 7 logo here (and find the history of the related ABC logo designed by Paul Barnes here), and the Yosemite Half Dome logo in the Graphis Magazine Logo Archives here.