Borges' Library of Babel Infinite Website

The Library of Babel is a 1941 short story by Jorge Luis Borges, depicting a a universe in the form of a vast library containing all possible 410-page books of a certain format and character set. It's a wonderful meditation on infinity, reality, cabalistic reasoning, and labyrinths.

Fast Company notes that "Brooklyn author Jonathan Basile realized that in the era of the Internet, Borges's fantasy could become a reality by using a few choice algorithms. Basile learned to program for the project, and created a bewildering site that seems to be a fairly faithful rendering of Borges' vision."

In order to "browse" the library at, "you can pick a hexagram number, and then narrow down the wall, shelf, and specific volume you'd like to read. But don't get too excited: seemingly the entire library is complete nonsense. To help in divining any meaning from the random text, Basile added a "Anglishize" function, which automatically highlights combinations of letters that spell words." [More on Fast Company, and a great interview with Basile can be found on Flavorwire]